Monthly Challenge

Each month a new challenge is posted, members have the entire month to attempt the challenge and improve their ranking.

Winners are listed below.



November  2017 Challenge. Legit plank for time.

Female Champ: Amy R 6:30

Male Champ: Rob Z 6:00

Teen Female Champ: Ellie 2:07

Teen Male Champ: Teddy 4:07

October 2017 Challenge. In one minute max meters on Rower.

Female Champ: Nicole D 315

Male Champ: Chris W 352

Teen Female Champ: Ellie 219

Teen Male Champ: Patrick 287

September 2017 Challenge. In 30 seconds max calories on AirDyne

Female Champ: Melissa P 23

Male Champ: Dave C 29

Teen Female Champ: Aurora C 28

Teen Male Champ:  Patrick R 22

August 2017 Challenge. In 1 minute max calories on SkiErg

Female Champ: Jill L 19

Male Champ: Chris W 27

Teen Female Champ: Aurora C 18

Teen Male Champ:  Davis 21

July 2017 Challenge. In 2 minutes max calories on AirDyne

Female Champ: Shana A 49

Male Champ: Dave C 61

Teen Female Champ: Aurora & Ellie 29

Teen Male Champ:  Davis 43

June 2017 Challenge. 400 meter run

Female Champ: Kelli G

Male Champ: Chris W

Teen Female Champ: Kate & Nicole

Teen Male Champ:  Patrick

May 2017 Challenge. In 1 minute max Ninja Roll Ups.

Female Champ: Shana Abderhalden 21

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 8

Teen Female Champ: Aurora Courcy 22

Teen Male Champ:  Henry McPherson 22

April 2017 Challenge. In 4 minutes run 600 meters, then max burpees.

Female Champ: Kelli Grace 33

Male Champ: Chris Whelan 33

Teen Female Champ: Lydia Shasha 26

Teen Male Champ:  Henry McPherson 32

March 2017 Challenge. 60 Wallballs 14/10

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 1:47

Male Champ: Dave Courcy 1:36

February 2017 Challenge. 60 Wallballs 14/10

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 1:47

Male Champ: Dave Courcy 1:36

January 2017 Challenge. 200 meter row

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 40.5 seconds

Male Champ: Dave Courcy 34.3 seconds

December 2016 Challenge. In 2 minutes, perform 25 burpees then max calories on airdyne.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 25

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 29

November 2016 Challenge. 200 meter sprint around our building.

Female Champ: Anne Demiris :32

Male Champ: Paul Ferrucci :29

October 2016. 40 second row for max calories.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 17

Male Champ: Kurt Hayes 23

September 2016. 600 meter row.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 2:17

Male Champ: Kurt Hayes 1:55

August 2016. Row 250 meters + 18 legit burpees.

Female Champ: Shana Abderhalden 2:02

Male Champ: Paul Ferrucci 1:38

July 2016. In 3 minutes, 200 meter tire drag + max DB Thrusters.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 1,488 pounds

Male Champ: Whitney Burr & Brian Blumenthal 1,650 pounds

June 2016. 600 meter run.

Female Champ: Shana Abderhalden 2:07

Male Champ: Chris Whelan 2:08

May 2016. 300 meter row.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 1:01.0

Male Champ: Kurt Hayes :54.8

April 2016. Max unbroken legit pushups.

Female Champ: Anne Demiris 31

Male Champ: Chris Whelan 43

March 2016.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous

Male Champ: Chris McAloon

February 2016 Challenge. 1 mile Airdyne

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 2:43

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 2:21

January 2016 Challenge. 90 seconds 20/15 calories on Airdyne + max pushups.

Female Champ: Michele Sampa

Male Champ: Whitney Burr

December 2015 Challenge. 1 minute, max DB Thrusters, load x reps.

Female Champ: Desiree Richardell

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi

November 2015 Challenge. 90 seconds, run 200 meters with Medicine Ball then max Wall Balls.

Female Champ: Michele Sampa 20

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 25

October 2015 Challenge. 90 seconds, max calories on C2 Rower.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 29

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 50

September 2015 Challenge. 30 seconds, max Deadlift load x reps.

Female Champ: Anne Demiris 2,625 lb

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 4,275 lb

August 2015 Challenge. 60 seconds, max Back Squat load x reps.

Female Champ: Desiree Richardell 3,600 lb

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 4,875 lb

July 2015 Challenge. 60 seconds, max calories on C2 Rower.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 25

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 40

June 2015 Challenge. 60 seconds, max burpees to 6 inch target.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 23

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 26

May 2015 Challenge. 60 seconds, max hand release push-ups.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 48

Male Champ: Tony Silverio 55

April 2015 Challenge. 200 meter tire drag.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 1:03

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi :38

March 2015 Challenge. 1 minute max jump rope.

Female Champ: Jen Ferrucci 208

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 292

February 2015 Challenge. 400 meter row.

Female Champ: Angela Mikkelson 1:25

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 1:08

January 2015 Challenge. Max hang.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 2:19

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 2:25

December 2014 Challenge. 500 meter row time trial.

Female Champ: Sam Libby-Cap

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi

November 2014 Challenge. 5x’s Bodyweight DB Thrusters + 200 run.

Female Champ: Jen Ferrucci 1:03

Male Champ: Tony Silverio 1:15

October 2014 Challenge. 200 meter sprint and 10 burpees.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi

September 2014 Challenge. 40 burpees for time.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 1:59

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 1:37

August 2014 Challenge. Tire Drag Sprint 50 meters, 45 pounds men/35 pounds women.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous & Shana Abderhalden 18 seconds.

Male Champ: Chris McAloon: 16 seconds.

July 2014 Challenge. Push up contest.

Female Champ: Casey O’Brien

Male Champ: Chris McAloon 

June 2014 Challenge. 500 meter row time trial.

Female Champ: Casey O’Brien 1:46

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 1:21

May 2014 Challenge. 10 Burpees + 200 meter sprint.

Female Champ: Missy Gualazzi 1:01

Male Champ: Chris McAloon 1:03

April 2014 Challenge. 20 calories on Air Dyne then 200 meter sprint.

Female Champ: Alisha Watrous 1:17

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi :44

March 2014 Challenge. 1 minute max burpees

Female Champ: Jen Ferrucci 25 burpees

Male Champ: Mike Gualazzi 25 burpees

February 2014 Challenge. 20 calorie sprint on Air Dyne.

Female Champ: Sam Libby-Cap 30 seconds

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 21 seconds

January 2014 Challenge. Max Kettlebell Swings.(lbxreps=score)

Female Champ: Missy Gualazzi 5,000lbs

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 6,750lbs

December 2013 Challenge. Max Burpees in 90 seconds.

Female Champ: Angela Watrous 37 burpees.

Male Champ: Chris McAloon 30 burpees.

November 2013 Challenge. Max calories on AirDyne Bike in 60 seconds.

Female Champ: Missy Gualazzi 31 calories

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 40 calories

October 2013 Challenge. Max Dumbbell Thrusters, repetitions multiplied by dumbbell weight.

Female Champ: Missy Gualazzi 3,300 pounds

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 3,000 pounds

September 2013 Challenge. Max Plank hold.

Female Champ: Anne Sicignano 10:01

Male Champ: Chris McAloon 6:39

August 2013 Challenge. 200 meter sprint around our building.

Female Champ: Missy Gualazzi :33

Male Champ: Chris McAloon :30

July 2013 Challenge. Fastest time for 500 meters on C2 rower.

Female Champ: Casey O’Brien 1:47

Male Champ: Tom Richardell 1:41

June 2013 Challenge. In ten minutes get as many calories as possible on the Air Dyne bike.

Female Champ: Anne Sicignano 107 calories

Male Champ: Whitney Burr 180 calories