Member Testimonals

Below are what our Members report of their experience at MOB FIT:


Sarah Waterhouse, loves that she never gets bored, and has fun when she trains at MOB FIT.

“The best part of MOB FIT is the camaraderie of the members! Not only do you feel great physically after a workout but you always leave with that feel good feeling inside! At MOB FIT there is always smiles and laughs!”

“During my time training at MOB FIT, I have seen many positive impacts! Accomplishing and exceeding physical goals has given me more confidence to accomplish other goals out side of the gym, a ripple effect!  As a runner, I have experienced significant improvement on my “running stats” after being a member at MOB FIT. And most importantly, I am happier and feel better about myself.”
“MOB FIT is so unique compared to other gyms. I have been a member at multiple gyms over the years and unlike other gyms, at MOB FIT you never get bored! I actually love to go there, I never have that feeling I need to drag myself to get there or talk myself into going which was the case at other gyms, I actually hate it when my schedule doesn’t allow me to go!  Also, unlike other gyms I have experienced, there is individual attention, modifying workouts as needed based on skill, age, or injury history.  Tom also solicits feedback regularly from members to ensure he is providing value.  He also connects individually to see how things are and he listens to feedback to ensure that we are reaching our individual goals and incorporates those suggestions were possible and appropriate. Another really unique thing about MOB FIT is Tom will make a workout plans for you if you are away! I was going on vacation for two weeks and I mentioned I would try to get some exercise in and he offered to write up a training plan for me to follow while on vacation! You would never get that at any other gym unless you were paying extra for a personal trainer! “
“I would recommend MOB FIT to family and friends because of the positive impact it has had on me! It’s the best place to go for both body and spirit, it’s the place to go to feel great about yourself! The members are all so nice, encouraging, supportive and fun! You are truly getting supper fit and it doesn’t even feel like hard work because you are having so much fun!”

Jill Lundberg, got her first pull up at age 47, finds she better manages the stress of her career and considers MOB her ‘happy place’.

“Rapid and sustainable benefits physically and more importantly, mentally. The workouts are almost addicting!! After just a few months of training and at the age of 47, I did my first pull up of my entire life! What an amazing accomplishment!”

“I rely a great deal on my workouts at MOB Fit to help me better manage the stress of my career. I am more successful in both my personal and professional life because of how I manage stress through staying fit with the MOB Fit workouts!”

“It’s fun, a fabulous workout in a non-judgmental environment, everyone is very supportive regardless of your level of fitness, and the positive impact of the workouts are immediate!! Tom the trainer also is very attentive to individual fitness needs, risk of injury, and is always open to tailoring work outs so as not to risk injury!!”

“I have found other programs to be monotonous very soon into my membership and I get bored. Before quitting I would negotiate with myself to get to a gym or a class. I really look forward to going to MOB Fit, with no negotiations, and get really disappointed when my schedule causes me to miss a class. The culture of MOB FIT is what really sets it apart from others. There is a common demographic of the clients where family is first, career/work is second and general fitness and health supports the former. I call MOB Fit my “Happy Place” and after every workout, like most of the other clients, I am always inclined to say “Thank you” to the trainer when the work out is over!!”

Karen Senn, has established a new habit of exercising and is enjoying the benefits of her new habit. 

“In August 2015, I signed up for a 2-week Run Strong program at MOB Fit to help me prepare for my first half marathon on Halloween (2015). From the moment I started my first group workout I was hooked. My two-week program quickly turned into a long-term membership. And, it wasn’t long before I could feel the difference in my strength. While I didn’t ‘crush it’ for my first ½ marathon, the second ½ marathon in May 2016 was much better (even with all the hills!) and I PR’d my time by 5 minutes! (That was a 6 ½ month time period between ½ marathons.) Around the same time, Tom had me retest my baseline…and that I did crush…with a 90%+ improvement. One word: Crazy!! I have since run several races as well as a few obstacle races. All proof that when you train consistently at MOB, you can do anything.

But what is it about MOB Fit that is different from other gyms or functional fitness programs? It’s doing functional moves in a fun, team-oriented workout. The workout is different everyday and you don’t know what it will be until Tom writes it on the board. He ensures our workouts encompass a total body, cardio workout. He also integrates strength progression workouts to help improve our overall strength, yet there’s no pressure to be a ‘weightlifter’ or to make you feel like you have to do something you’re not comfortable with. In fact, Tom takes the time to listen to your concerns and any physical issues you may be experiencing; then, takes it into account when preparing a workout. He is very supportive and will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it’s just to be stronger or run a race.

And, just as important as having a great trainer is having supportive MOB members who cheer you on and are there for you. It makes a big difference and makes going to workouts enjoyable and fun. We’re like a big ‘family’.

So, if anyone has reservations about whether they can do this kind of workout, know that you can and it works. Be stronger, look better, feel great!

About Me: I am in my early 50s. Up until January 2015, I had really never worked out (just walking), never ran and never registered/ran a race, which I finally did in June 2015. I then proceeded to run 10 races that year. In 2016, I was in a car accident. While the impact was great and I was a train wreck mentally, I felt fine physically – no injury, no soreness. Nothing. I attribute this to being in good fitness health. Largely thanks to MOB Fit. I dusted myself off and went on to run more races in 2016 including my first Spartan Sprint.”

Angela Tressel, loves that she has fun at MOB.

“I’ve been a member of MOB FIT for 8 months.  Joining MOB was one of the best decisions I could have made.  As a mom of two young boys, I need to physically keep up with them and I also need some “me time”.  MOB provides me the opportunity to do both!
I’ve belonged to a few a gyms.  The differences between MOB and those other gyms are:
  • Tom is sincerely interested in your goals and helping you obtain them
  • The support from the other members is amazing.  Just when you think you don’t have anything left to give someone will say “Good job, Angela!” and then you push yourself to give more.
  • The workouts are always different which keeps things interesting.
  • We have fun.  Laughing is part of the overall experience.
I’d recommend MOB to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need to be “super-fit” to be a member.  You just need to show up with a bottle of water and a positive attitude.”


Kelli Grace, lifetime runner becomes “stronger, leaner & more toned than I ever thought possible”

“Running was always my exercise of choice. I would occasionally run local road races and a few years ago I had completed a marathon and half marathon.  My sister had been asking me to try MOB for years.  She had been a runner too, but joined MOB, and preferred the gym much more than running.  I never saw myself as someone who could flip tires or do hardcore weightlifting.  In July 2015, I tried a two-week trial membership at MOB with the hope of strengthening myself as a runner. What I achieved with Tom’s help was far more than this!”

“My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never dreamed of attempting. My body always feels like its had a thorough workout.  Tom has a very good way of getting more out of someone!  I have benefited by becoming stronger, leaner and more toned than I ever thought possible. Our workout is always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated.  When I thought I couldn’t do something I was never allowed to give in, it was broken down to help me manage it, which always meant that without realizing it, I would achieve what I believe to be impossible.  No shouting, no humiliation just pure encouragement and belief. I am not choosing to run much anymore, as I much more enjoy training at MOB. However, I can not run for weeks at a time, and when I do, I feel as strong as if I had never stopped.  My only regret is that I did not join MOB years ago!”


4 and half year MOB Member

“I have exercised my entire life and considered myself in shape, I ran MARATHONS! I do not run anymore and have never felt better or stronger! Tom’s workouts are creative, challenging and fun, yes FUN, and they keep me coming back day after day.  If you like variety and want to get into shape you should consider trying MOB.  Tom can definitely help you achieve your fitness goals”