Annual Food Drive





In 2017 we where able to deliver 11,753 pounds to Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries, thank you to our awesome sponsors and generous members! For 2018 and our 6th annual Food Drive we have set a goal of 12,000 pounds.





Baldwin Stables

Hayes Services 

Martinez Painting Company

SENNsible Communications LLC

The Ferrucci Company

Valerie E. Thomas & Associates 

Wells Thomas 

The Millard Group

Essex Detailing 

Connecticut Pharmacy

Baker’s Half Dozen Day Care

Chester Veterinary Clinic




2013 Goal was 250 pounds, actual was 341 pounds donated.

2014 Goal was 500 pounds, actual was 761 pounds donated.

2015 Goal was 1,000 pounds, actual was 1,753 pounds donated.

2016 Goal was 2,500 pounds, actual was 6,600 pounds donated.

2017 Goal is 10,000 pounds, actual was 11,753 pounds donated.

2018 Goal is 12,000 pounds….


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