6 Week Challenge

We have had tons of success helping folks drop unwanted body fat and get in great shape with our 6 Week Challenge.  We combine Simple Nutrition, Fun & Effective Exercise and Accountability to help people easily reach their goals.

People that complete this challenge not only drop unwanted weight, but typically report feeling much better, more energy, better sleep, better performance at their jobs, improved relationships with spouses/kids.

Here are some of our success stories! Click here for PDF.



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Spring Shape UP 2018 Challenge

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Why are we doing this? Honestly – because most people who come in for the challenge get CRAZY results and choose to stay on with us afterwards and give us monies (no obligation), and if they don’t (which is totally cool), they leave knowing who we are with positive things to say. So that’s why we do it from a business standpoint – get the name out – get new customers.

But then the next question—DOES IT WORK? WILL IT WORK YOU?
Simply put – probably.
How can we say that? Because unlike most gyms, we aren’t one size fits all.
We personalize your 6 week challenge to meet YOUR GOALS(…no wonder we have such a high success rate)
But along with that, you’ll get…
…your own personal MEAL PLAN so you never have to wonder “WHAT’S FOR DINNER??” and its TASTY, EASY, & won’t break your wallet.
…a GROCERY LIST that’s built for your SPECIFIC meal plan, so you can be in and out of the store in 20min (and no fancy ingredients…you can find everything at a Walmart in one trip)
…an EATING OUT GUIDE so you can show off all the progress you’re making (I mean, what’s the point of looking good, if you can’t go out to show it off???) So we’ll show you how to do it without going off track (our 2-step eating out blueprint is even simpler than you think)
…a MASTER TRAINER with you at every workout who greets you by name with a smile, and guides you through your workout so you don’t have to wonder “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT??” And you know you’re in the hands of an expert who knows when to push and when to pull back.
…an (the REAL SECRET SAUCE) is our ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM…it’s like a buddy system on steroids the has 3x the results of our clients as soon as we implemented it
…and so much more

But let’s be BRUTALLY HONEST – at the end of the day nothing we’re going to tell you is revolutionary (you’re gonna have to stop eating what you know you shouldn’t be…and you’re gonna have to do some cardio and do some resistance training to tone).

The reason that we’re so good, and “Voted Most Effective Transformation Program” in LOCAL AREA is because we just give a 💩. We actually follow up. We do what we say we’re going to do. And we make sure that you do too.

Because you PROBABLY know what to do…you just AREN’T doing it. So let us help. And let us help for FREE.

And if you like us, you can stay on afterwards and join our thousands of success stories and our transformation all of fame…
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